Pope Francis to Buddhists: “Jesus and Buddha knew the need to overcome the ego”

Pope Francis met with this delegation of Buddhist monks from Thailand. They traveled to the Vatican to commemorate fifty years since the meeting between the 17th Buddhist patriarch, venerable Somdej Phra Wannarat, with Paul VI in 1972.

The Pope celebrated the friendly dialogue and collaboration between the two religions, and said that Catholics and Buddhists have much in common.

The Buddha and Jesus understood the need to overcome the ego which creates conflicts and violence.

The Pope asked them to continue joining their efforts to build a better world together.

It is our task today to guide our respective faithful to a living sense of the truth, that we are all brothers and sisters. And this entails that we have to work together to cultivate compassion and hospitality for all human beings. Especially for the poor and marginalized.

Pope Francis left them with a blessing, and the hope to extend their work together for another fifty years.


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