Georgian choir sings at Sistine Chapel to celebrate 30 years of relations with Vatican

The country of Georgia celebrated 30 years of diplomtic relations with the Holy See in a very special way.


The Tbilisi Cathedral choir performed on the grand stage of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. The Georgian vice-president described the significance of the occasion.

Vice President of Georgia
[It was] a symbol of friendship, partnership, fraternity between people who represent different beliefs, but they still continue to sing for harmony and [a] harmonious world.

In Georgia, 85% of the population is Orthodox Christian, yet, the country has always maintained a good relationship with the Holy See.

Vice President of Georgia
Our partnership is not just 30 years old. We were partners and friends well before that. Even under the Soviet Union, we all remember that the Patriarch of All, Georgia Ilia II, visited the Holy See.

Even in difficult times, the Vatican has supported Georgia during attacks on its territorial boundaries.

Vice President of Georgia
You may remember that in 2008, Russia invaded Georgia as well. So for us, it’s very easily understandable what kind of pain, what kind of very difficult situation can be created when you are attacked.

With war nearby, Georgia hopes that together with its relationship with the Holy See, music can be another step on the path to harmony.

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