Pope Francis hopes to visit Africa as soon as he recovers

From July 2 to 7, Pope Francis was scheduled to visit the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. However, problems with his knee prevented him. To show his solidarity despite the change of plans, Pope Francis sent a message to the people of the two countries.

The Lord knows how much I regret having to postpone this much-desired and long-awaited visit. But let us not lose faith and let us cherish the hope of meeting soon.

In the video, the Pope expressed the message he would have given in person during the trip.

You have a great mission, all of you, starting with policy makers—that of turning the page to open new roads, roads of reconciliation, roads of forgiveness, roads of peaceful coexistence and development.

At the end of the message, Pope Francis shared words of encouragement with the people of the two countries. He said that the tears they have shed in their suffering are not useless and that they will find God’s consolation.


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