Pope Francis on the crisis in Sri Lanka: “Do not ignore the cry of the poor”

Pope Francis expressed his concern over the widespread unrest in Sri Lanka, the country he visited in January 2015.

It is experiencing its worst economic crisis since it became independent in 1984. After three months of demonstrations, thousands of protesters overran the residences of the president and prime minister. Both then announced their resignations.

I unite myself to the sorrow of the people of Sri Lanka who continue to suffer the effects of political and economic instability. Together with the bishops of the country, I renew my appeal for peace and I implore those who have authority not to ignore the cry of the poor and the needs of the people.

The country does not have any fuel. They have been forced to turn to Russia for oil and assume the risk of being sanctioned.

Food prices have skyrocketed and tourism has plummeted as a result of the pandemic and the 2019 Easter bombings in churches. As of yet, there are no clear signs of how the country will make it out of the crisis.


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