New Knights of Columbus Leader Takes Office and Advances Priorities

The Knights of Columbus have already formally appointed their new Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly. It was the first event they held in person since the pandemic broke out.

By the authority vested in me, I am proud to appoint you Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus.

Patrick Kelly took the opportunity to speak to his Council in person for the first time. He said that this San José year will be a crucial moment for the future of the organization.

“This year is providential for the Knights of Columbus, because one of the things the world needs most today is men with the mettle of Saint Joseph.”

In an interview with Rome Reports, Patrick Kelly has said that his priority as Supreme Knight is families.

Supreme Knight, Knights of Columbus
“I think one of the issues we need to focus on is building faith within Catholic families. I think it is a challenge that we have in this culture. I believe that the families are in a fight ”.

Last year, the Knights of Columbus spent about 77 million hours doing social work. They are tasks that they do as a consequence of the Christian identity of the organization.

Supreme Knight, Knights of Columbus
“We do a good job, but not just because it’s a good thing. We do it because, as Christians, we see the face of Christ in those we serve, and that is how Christ has taught us to live. “

The Knights of Columbus also named the organization’s first indigenous secretary in its 138-year history. The organization has been dedicated to serving and transmitting the faith for almost a century and a half, and its goal is to continue to do so.

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