Live by God’s word – Rev. Fr. Felix Sesenyo Quarshie

Rev. Fr. Felix Sesenyo Quarshie, Parish Priest of Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Sakumono and Dean of Tema-Battor Deanery, asked all to live by the word of God.

Fr. Quarshie said that praying and singing are very important, as they play a significant role in our faith and spiritual lives, but living the word of God and putting it into action is also part of the preparation that we need to put in place in anticipation of the coming of our Lord.

He added that Jesus reminds us that those who live and put God’s word into action are people who will look for a solid place to belong.

Fr. Felix Sesenyo Quarshie, in a Homily on Thursday, the first week of Advent, admonished all to wait patiently for the coming of Jesus Christ into the world and our lives, examine our lives every day whether we are truly living by the word of God.

Source: Theresa Kpordzo

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