“Mary is alive”; Rev Fr. Prince Emmanuel Adelaayitar

Speaking at an advent Retreat organized for parishioners of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Kotobabi towards their 55th Anniversary celebration on Sunday 5th December, 2021, the facilitator Rev Fr. Prince Emmanuel Adelaayitar assured parishioners that Mary is alive and she knows their names and knows what they are going through because she is a mother.

The three day long retreat which is scheduled for Tuesday, 30th November to Thursday, December 02 is themed; “Time with Jesus” accompanied with spirit filled activities to refresh the souls of parishioners towards the solemnity.

Fr. Prince based his talk on Mary and how powerful praying the rosary is. He said what makes the rosary powerful is asking Mary to join the Father to let your prayers be heard.

He explained the meaning of the Greek word “Full of Grace” as one who was conceived without sin and that is how powerful our Mother Mary is and should not be doubted whenever help is needed.

Mary he said, was taken into heaven body and soul when she died hence his statement, Mary is still alive. Fr. Prince admonished the congregation to never give up and that Mary wants to help them and knows the pain each one is going through.

He further charged parishioners to do 5 things for Mary which are;

  • Praying the rosary every day because the problems that are coming the rosary will be their weapons
  • Fast on Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Read the word of God , start the day with the gospel, read a story a day and spend time on the word of God
  • Go for confessions
  • Take Holy Communion with a clean heart.


Source: DEPSOCOM, Accra/E.S.D

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