Pope Francis asks educators to not be discouraged by the pandemic

Pope Francis met with members of the Congregation of Notre Dame of Montreal, a French-Canadian religious order focused on education.

-“We are sustained by the call you have launched to rebuild a universal educational alliance.”

The Pope encouraged them to educate young people truthfully to the faith, while being sources of joy to those around them.

“Today, we are faced with the challenge of the formation and education of the human person. In the various countries where you work, I encourage you to be missionary disciples and communities of hope and joy.”

Pope Francis recognized the challenges which Covid-19 created in education, and explained the need for educators to be close to those experiencing hardship.

“Dear Sisters, at this time, in which the Covid-19 pandemic has produced a multifaceted crisis, particularly one with a strong impact on education and young people, I invite you to be closer to the people who are experiencing isolation, sadness and discouragement.”

The congregation’s founder was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 1982. As of 2019, it has about 830 members.



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