Pope Francis advises congregations not to lose their charism

Pope Francis met with members of the Order of the Mother of God, the Basilian Order of St. Josaphat and the Congregation of the Missions. These congregations are in Rome for their General Chapter meetings. The Pope reminded them that the most important part of their charism is to proclaim the Gospel.

When we question our creative fidelity to the original charism, we should ask ourselves whether our way of interpreting and implementing it is a form of evangelizing. This means, we must see if the choices we make regarding the content, methods, instruments, and styles of life are oriented toward witnessing and proclaiming the Gospel.

Among the members of the Basilian Order of St. Josaphat were Ukrainians and Pope Francis wanted to express his solidarity with them.

At this time of martyrdom in your homeland, I would like to say that I am close to you. The whole Church is close to, the entire Church.

I often think that one of the greatest dangers now is forgetting the situation in Ukraine.

The Pope also charged the congregations to take a strong approach against sexual abuse and corruption and encouraged them to uncover abuse quickly.

One of the problems that we know often occurs is that of abuse, that of abuse. Please remember this: we have zero tolerance for this.

Zero Tolerance. Please do not hide this reality.

Normally, there are no official papal audiences during the month of July, but Pope Francis wanted to make an exception for this meeting.


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