35 religious institutions divest $500 million from fossil fuels

35 religious organizations around the world have announced that they will no longer invest in fossil fuels. The divestment totals more than 500 million dollars. Its goal is to make other congregations to take the same step in the fight against climate change.

Advocacy Director, Laudato Si’ Movement
We live in an extractive anD unsustainable economy fueled by the fossil fuel industry and that is causing the climate crisis, but also a biodiversity crisis that is destroying Gods creation. The divestment from fossil fuels is a step that every catholic institution must take.

The Laudato Si’ Movement hopes that other religious congregations will follow the example set by these 35 religious institutions that have ensured their investments do not include fossil fuels.

Advocacy Director, Laudato Si’ Movement
Its going to get to a stage where it would be an embarrassment for any catholic institution to not have divested. Because right now its more than a symbolic gesture to divest.

The Laudato Si’ Movement’s Invest/Divest 2021 report revealed a curious statistic: that worldwide and across all sectors, 35% of the organizations that have committed to divest in fossil fuels are religious institutions.



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